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What I do

I'm Eugenia. I am a vocal coach. I teach students how to improve their singing voices, and prepare for college or high school auditions. I teach all styles of music- classical, musical theater, pop, folk, jazz even public speaking. 

Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

“Eugenia empowered me to take chances with my voice. She has taught me vocal styles I never thought I would be able to sing.”

-Grace (student for 10 months)


My Philosophy

My passion is the voice. Specifically my passion is exploring and freeing the voice and guiding my students as they discover their vocal expression. Every singer I work with is unique with varying backgrounds, personality types, and learning styles and my passion is meeting each student where they are on their vocal journey and empowering them to grow. The opportunity to work with artists is a great privilege and something I never take lightly. 


I am a vocal pedagogy nerd, I am a lifelong student of my own voice which often inspires my teaching.  I am not at all interested in “homogenizing” your voice, removing or altering that which makes your voice distinctively YOURS. What I am concerned with is addressing your individual vocal challenges, meeting your goals as an artist and freeing your voice to find its unique power, strength and beauty.



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